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Parent Booster Club 


The Natural Venom Boosters are parents that work together to put on events, maintain our team store and work together with our gym leadership to promote a postive place for our athletes to excel. All parents are invited to participate and are encouraged to attend all events. Listed below are our 2016-2017 NV Parent Booster Board members and their contact information. Please feel free e-mail them to find out how you can get involved. 

The Benefits of  Getting Involved:


1. Help your athlete build confidence through cheer

2. Building a positive cheer community 

3. Raise funds to keep our equipment state of the art

4. Encourage educational opportunites for our coaches

5. Have fun with your athlete and your family!

NV Parent Booster Boardmembers:

Becky Hanks, President


Sandy Wright, Vice President


Lisa Swenson, Treasurer

Kim Warberg, Secretary

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